Farm, Wood Shop and Specialty Group Tours
in Illinois Amish Country

Illinois Amish Country and Arthur Illinois, can be the highlight of your group tour experience. ACM Tours can help your group get a more personalized experience with a specialized tour of an Amish Horse Farm or Dairy Farm,Belgian Horse Team a modern "English" grain farm, an Amish Wood Shop which specializes if custom crafted furniture, an Orchard Tour including a wagon ride around the orchard, an Equity theatre experience or a Photography tour.

All of our group tour packages generally include time on an Amish farm, usually around the meal time. After every Amish home meal, the hosts offer a tour  of the farm. However, if you wish to specialize your experience, or just wish to add a special experience and not include a meal, your group may enjoy:

Amish Horse or Dairy Farm Tours - We have Amish Dairy Farm - ArthurAmish friends that raise the large Belgian horses. These favored work and show horses stand taller than your head and yes are quite curious and gentle. Your host will get you up close and personal as you visit the barns and paddocks. While we currently do not have any Amish dairy farmers who will allow tours, your guide will be glad to tell you about flat land farming practices around the area.

Illinois Farming Heritage - One local collector has gathered up many items of our farm heritage. Antique tractors, and other farm equipment, and a lot of collectible farm life items and created the Harris Agriculture Museum. By appointment he will open his collection up to visitors and your group can get a true look into Illinois farm life fro the turn of the last century.

Modern "English" Grain Farm - East Grain Farm Tractors - Arthur, IllinoisCentral Illinois boasts some of the riches black farmland on the planet, and it is worked intensively to help feed the world. Modern crop farming includes large fields, very large equipment, and an amazing amount of technical knowledge from mechanics to genetics to accounting to be successful. Driving thru the area with your guide will give you an appreciation of the corn and soybean  "breadbasket to the world" of this areaAs with the dairy farmers, our local grain farmers are friendly but can not take the time out to give detailed farm tours. Our guides show you some of the most modern grain farming equipment available and answers questions. We have numner of implement dealers with whom we can arrange hands on visits.

Amish Wood Shop Tour - We have worked with the Amish craftsmen for Amish Custom Furniture shop years offering their custom furniture in our retail shop in Arthur. While we can show you their final products, we can also take you out to them and let them explain some of their skills and abilities to create the renowned quality without the use of electricity from the raw lumber thru the finish shop to the end product, all right on the farm. Not for small children.

Amish Buggy Shop Tours - One of our local Amish buggy makers will take your group on an indepth tour of his buggy shop. He will show you the ins and outs of creating the undercarriage, the buggy body and discuss and possibly demonstrate the old art of wheel making. This very interesting tour will take about an hour andis available for groups of 20 or more. Not for small children.

Orchard Tours and Wagon Rides - Amish horse drawn rides are not common here in our more conservative Amish community. However, one local Amish orchard owner has made available a special wagon for group rides around the orchard. His farm also abuts one of the largest Amish cemeteries in Arthur and as you ride, he will tell you about his orchard operation and some of the local Amish funeral customs.Amish Windmill - Arthur, Illinois As the wagon will accommodate about 10 people, larger groups may require some time to enjoy this option

Photography Tour - Illinois Amish Country and Arthur Illinois, offer some of the most photogenic scenery in Central Illinois. ACM Tours, working thru the Villa Galleries in Arthur, provides guided photographic tours of the Central Illinois Amish community with creative photography tips and commentary. We offer these photo tours for people of all ages and skill levels. You’ll enjoy seeing the local sites from a creative perspective. This particular tour option takes 1.5 hours or longer.

Theatre - enjoy The Little Theatre on the Square in nearby Sullivan, Il. This recently remodeled "equity actor's theatre" is regarded as one of the best in the Midwest. You will definitely enjoy theCarriage Rides show. Be sure to check their website to see what is available during your dates of interest.  A nice combination is to bring together an Amish meal and a theatre performance, for a full day or to make a multiday visit special.

ACM Tours can incorporate any of these specialty tours into your groups plans. Let us offer an itinerary for your group!

An easy to do visit!

Easy to plan a day trip if you originate anywhere within the Chicago, St Louis or Indianapolis area.

We are easy to get to! Arthur is just 9 miles west off I-57 at exit 202 (Arcola), 30 minutes South of Champaign, IL (I-72 & I-74) and just 40 minutes north of Effingham, IL and the I-70/I-57 junction

Let us help with your itinerary details.