Tours in Amish Country with a Step-On-Guide

If you want an up close and personal experience, we can help you schedule a local, live guide to travel with you and explain the customs and history of the Illinois Amish community.Step on Guided Tours

Our experienced guide have grown up here, and have extensive backgrounds working and living with the Illinois Amish folks. They know the area and what is in season during your visit. Amish communities vary from one to another. Our local guides can help you with general Amish customs that are common across the communities and local practices that vary across the fence row from church district to church district.

Our Step On Guides will ride with you, in your vehicle, for about half a day, taking you down the back roads and to some of the more out of the way Amish Country shops. With all of the information included in our self guiding audio tour, with the step on guides, you can ask questions. Our guides will custom tune your drive based on your interests.

And to restate, Step on Guide Explains Amish Clothingbecause we come up against this regularly, our Step On Guides will ride with you, in your vehicle. You will need to have a seat for them in your car or coach. If your car is full, you might better use our audio CD tour guide.

A standard Step-On-Guide experience can be scheduled almost any time. Usually they will ride with you for about 4 hours. The guide service costs $75 per guide. If you have more than one vehicle you may need to have additional Step On Guides, or your guide can alternate vehicles at every stop along the way. Our live guides are most commonly used with motor coach tours, but can be scheduled for individuals and families also.

ACM Tours does not offer Step On Guides without prior reservation. We need to reserve our guide's time as far in advance as possible. A year or more in advance is not too far out, and with less than a weeks notice, we may not have one available.

Let us help with your itinerary details.