Sundays in Arthur and Illinois Amish Country

While many in our modern world consider Sunday just as the second day of the weekend and another day off from work, in Amish Country the day is special.

For the Amish, and many others of this area, Sunday meansAmish Buggies outside of Arthur, Illinois God, church and family. Arthur area Amish are called "house Amish" in that they have their church services in their homes rather than in a church building. Amish church groups, or districts, are limited in size to the number of families that can be accommodated in an average Amish home. When the church group gets too large, it is separated into two districts, another set of deacons, bishops and ministers are elected for the new district. Each district has services every other week and on the alternate Sundays, families attend a neighboring district for services and socialize afterwards. This creates a lot of travel for the Amish every Sunday, so there is a lot of slow moving and foot traffic to watch out for on Sundays,Church Yard Parking even when all the businesses are closed.

Most businesses in and around Arthur are closed for the day. Some, that need to service visitors, remain open. Obviously, our motels are available, as are some of our restaurants and gas stations. All of the Amish owned businesses out in the countryside are closed. Rockome Gardens and its restaurant are closed.

So what do you schedule when you can't arrive before the shops close on Saturday evening?

If you wish to attend the church of your choice we have many denominations in Arthur and the surrounding area for you to visit. As a rule, you are not able to attend an "Amish" service. But all of our other denominations will welcome your visit.

Otherwise or afterwards, our recommended Sunday itinerary includes a trip over to nearby Arcola for breakfast, and then taking our Self Guiding Audio Tour CD through the country side. All of the scenery will still be there, and manySelf Guiding Audio Tour of Illinois Amish Country of the Amish will be out on the roads either walking as a family or driving their buggies to church. In fact there is probably more buggy traffic on Sundays than on other days of the week. You audio tour will explain much of this side of their lives. (Also, a live, step on guide can often be arranged for Sunday visits. Call for information.)

After your audio tour, we recommend cruising the countryside with your self guiding map. Enjoying the scenery will easily fill the rest of your day. On almost every Sunday in the warmer months there are baseball games in Eberhardt Park in Arthur to watch, which are well attended by Amish youth, the young men to play, and the young women to cheer them on. For food on Sundays, in Arthur there is a Subway and a Spanish restaurant all day and after 5pm, Sandos Pizza on the north end. Head for home after supper or enjoy the country evening before heading back to your motel.

There is plenty to do here, every day. But, we're not about fast paced entertainment! There is a lot to do here that will take you back to a quieter time... of rest and tranquility. Let go of the city pace, and you won't be bored.

Let us schedule a visit for you. Give us a call at 1-888-321-9663