Seasonal Information about Illinois Amish Country

Amish Country continues all year long! Check the Activity Calendar to the left or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with Amish area activities year round.

With the exception of normal Christian religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas, and a few other dates such as Ascension day, and Good Friday, the Arthur Amish continue their daily lives much as the rest of us.  Shops are open Monday thru Saturday, both in town and out in the countryside.

On standard major national holidays such as July 4th, Labor day, Thanksgiving much of the area, shops and all, close down. On lesser holidays many in the Amish community continue on. Sundays, of course, close almSpring Amish Buggyost everything around Arthur.

Seasonally, Arthur always has something to see or do and plenty of opportunity for unique shopping.

Spring begins here in mid March and brings gardens, produce auctions, horse farming and early hay to an expanding list of events, auctions and benefits. Amish ladies are avid gardeners and start as early as they can. Colts begin showing up as soon as the grass begins to green and both English and Amish farmers take to the fields as soon as it is dry.3rd Saturday Markets in Arthur

And Summer widens the bounty and the activity everywhere. Horse farming is in full swing everywhere, festivals and markets almost weekly, gardens to view, and all the shops are filled and the everyday activities in Amish Country easily keep visitors interested..

Visitor traffic peaks in September and October Haystacks in Illinois Amish Country( but you won't be "crowded" in any case. ) The Arthur area hosts it's largest festivals at this time of year, and our Great Pumpkin Patch attracts many for fall color and decoration supplies.

And lastly, during the holiday season there are always reasons to visit for shopping, or relaxing from the seasonal stress.

In the winter months, country shops have aWinter Amish Buggy stove going, and are ready for customers at any time. There are still benefit suppers and auctions to visit, and country tours and Amish home meals are available, and the shops still have lots to look at and buy. It is a particularly good time to visit for food! Find a special cut of meat at the country butcher, or some home made jam for the fresh baked bread or pie. Our only concern here is like in any other area, occasionally the roads get bad with snow, but call ahead and plan to visit.

We do get regular inquiries as to when is Amish Country "open," or how much does it cost to visit or get in? We just want to stress that there are no gates here and no admission charges. Other than on a few holidays and most Sundays, we are here every day, ready to help you. Amish Country is available all year around with changing activities and things to see and do.

Check back to our Area Activity Calendar regularly and/or subscribe to our area newsletter and plan another visit to the Arthur area today!

We can help.