Family Visits to Illinois Amish Country

If you are thinking of bringing your family or small group of friends to Arthur and Illinois Amish Country, how can we help?

First we can answer any questions you might have about Arthur, The Arthur area, or about anything dealing with the Arthur Amish community. We can help you find your way around if you are looking for something in particular, or if you just wish to wander on your own we can help with general directions and basic guidance to get you started. Contact us with your dates of interest

Let us know what your interests are and we can offer ideas!

If you are, at this time, just looking for ideas on what to do around Arthur or Amish country, check out the sidebar links for one day and multi-day itineraries to begin with. Any of the components that you find there can usually be recombined to fit your needs, interests, and time frame. Bear in mind there that some of the items can be incorporated on the fly when you arrive and others need to be scheduled in advance.

ACM Tours can help any visit with area information, and maps and directions to points of interest when you arrive, or activity planning in advance for your visit. Our self guiding audio tour, which can be picked up when you arrive, is enjoyed by thousands of smaller groups each year and provides information on local Amish history and religious beliefs, an area countryside orientation, takes you past many of the most popular Amish country shops along the tour, and can often fill half a day including the shop visits along the way.

Amish Home Meals and Live, Step on Guides

These two popular additions on many visits bear special comment.Amish Home Meals, Arthur, Illinois First they both need to be scheduled in advance and are generally not available as a walk-in.

And, while a live guide can be arranged for any group size ( they do ride with you in your vehicle , so you have to have room to accommodate them in your car,) Amish Home meal hosts do require a minimum number of guests (usually 8-10 adults) to reserve a meal time. Often we can join parties at one serving to meet this, so check with us in any case. we can keep your interest open and see what we can put together. Also occasionally our hosts will seat a party of 6-8 alone, so possibly we can accommodate. It never hurts to ask.

More information about each topic is available on the sidebar pages.