Reservations, Comps and Conditions

ACM Tours Package Details - 11/1/09

Complimentary items included in ACM Tour packages
With a minimum of 30 participating (paying) guests per group or coach:
Step on Guide Service: One Complete package for Group Escort
Full Day Tour Including Meal: One Complete package including meal for
    Group Escort, plus meal for driver.
Overnight Packages:
    One Complete package for Group Escort, plus package meals for driver.
    One Complimentary room for escort with 20 paid rooms
    Arrangements and discounted accommodations for driver

Deposits, Cancellations and Conditions
ACM Tours Requires Booking Deposits to reserve dates and activities
 Step On Guided Tours - $50 initially per group or coach
 Day Tour Packages with Meals - $50 initially per group or coach
 Overnight Packages - $100 initially per group or coach
 Reserved Theater Seating – Additional advance deposits with separate refund
 Charter Transportation – Additional advance deposits with separate refund policy

Booking deposits cover administration, planning and setup charges and are non-refundable in the event that the tour or booking is cancelled by the organizer/operator for any reason. Booking deposits are credited back to the organizers/operator upon final billing.

Meal packages - reserve your best guess when you initiate your reservation. The number of meals reserved are adjustable up or down up to 7 work days prior to your date without penalty and are non-refundable at that point.

If your package includes theater tickets, charter vehicle reservations, rooms or other reservations to vendors that require a non-refundable deposit, additional booking deposits may be required and will be identified on your contract proposal. ACM Tours will only commit and hold such reservations up to the non-refundable review date as specified by the vendor. Any deposits placed on these special reservations after the noted date will be nonrefundable in total. Certain accommodation reservations are 75% non-refundable at the time of booking by their policy. Non-refundable review dates will be clearly specified in your ACM Tours proposal and contract.

ACM Tours’ conditional acceptance of your reservation, upon initial inquiry, implies that to the best of our knowledge, space is still available at that time. However, ACM Tours cannot proceed with any arrangements or reservations with our vendors on behalf of your group, until a contract signed by an agent of the client has been received by ACM Tours along with an appropriate deposit. Deposit due dates and refund policies for each item are clearly specified in our proposals and contracts.

Billing and Payments
Booking Deposit Amount must be received by ACM Tours before considering
    reservations firm. Any discussions prior to receiving booking deposits are
    or planning purposes only and not to be considered "Reserved".
All billing and payments will be thru ACM Tours, or The Wood Loft.
Any packages may be prepaid in full by the organizer if convenient.
Complete billing including full balance due will be communicated to booking
    client prior to arrival.
Full payment of any balance must be received by ACM Tours upon arrival and
    prior to the initiation of the package details, unless SECIAL, PRIOR, WRITTEN
    ARRANGEMENTS are approved in advance.
ACM Tours accepts cash, company check, Mastercard or Visa in payment
    for goods and services.

Cancellation and Refund Policies
ACM Tours goal is to work with you in every way possible to make your visit enjoyable!

We are not able to make refunds for penalties that are assessed by our
    vendors due to guest cancellations. Specifically, meal reservations as of 7 days
    prior are the final amounts due.
We cannot make refunds for last minute “change of mind” circumstances,
    weather, breakdowns or other delays in travel.
No refunds will be made for unused package functions.
Package will be charged to the client per ACM Tours contractual agreement
    with the client. Any changes regarding visit details or the number of
    guests must be received by ACM Tours by the dates and times specified in
    the contract.